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Gluten Free Salsa & Dips

Gluten-Free chip dips, salsa's and anything else used for dipping.

Below is a listing of Gluten-Free products.  While we have made every effort to list products that are safe for the most gluten intolerant, it is up to you to make the final decision as to whether any food is right for you.  Please keep in mind that a manufacturer may change ingredients at any time and it is your responsibility to read each and every label every time you make your purchasing decision.  If you know of any errors in these listings, please feel free to contact the webmaster so that we may help our neighbors make safe and informed decisions.  Thank you.

Chi-Chi's Salsa Con Queso

Liven things up with CHI-CHI'S®Fiesta Salsa Con Queso. This delightful, mild salsa is blended with real Cheddar cheese, tomatoes and peppers for extra pep. Use it as a dip with CHI-CHI’S® Chips for a cheesy crowd-pleasing treat at your next party. 

Green Mountain Gringo Hot Salsa

Hot Salsa made with no preservatives,Fat free,low salt,Gluten Free, no genetically modified ingredients, no allergens.

Natural Northern Traverse City Cherry & Jalapeno Spread

A dip for veggies and crackers made in Tracerse City, Michigan.

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