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Below is a listing of Gluten-Free products.  While we have made every effort to list products that are safe for the most gluten intolerant, it is up to you to make the final decision as to whether any food is right for you.  Please keep in mind that a manufacturer may change ingredients at any time and it is your responsibility to read each and every label every time you make your purchasing decision.  If you know of any errors in these listings, please feel free to contact the webmaster so that we may help our neighbors make safe and informed decisions.  Thank you.

Chi-Chi's Restaurante Seasoning Mix

Don't settle for the same old, same old seasoning mix. Give your Mexican dishes at home a rousing restaurant flavor with CHI-CHI'S® Fiesta Restaurante Seasoning Mix.

HORMEL Bacon Pieces

100% real bacon pieces add zesty flavor and satisfying protein to any salad.

HORMEL Real Bacon Bits

100% real bacon bits are the perfect way to satisfy bacon cravings.

HORMEL Real Crumbled Bacon - Applewood Smoke Flavored

Give your meals a hint of sweet and refined flavor with 100% real bacon.

HORMEL Real Crumbled Bacon - Jalapeño Flavored

Enhance every bite with the perfect blend of savory and spicy 100% real bacon.

HORMEL Real Crumbled Bacon - Original

100% real bacon crumbles give any meal delicious bacon flavor

HORMEL Real Crumbled Bacon - Peppered

100% real bacon with a distinct cracked pepper flavor will give your meals a little extra.

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