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Buttermilk Dipped Chicken Fingers

We love our chicken fingers.  Before we went gluten-free we ate them all the time and raved about how good they were.  When we went gluten-free we worried that we could ever recreate our recipe with gluten-free ingredients.  We found it to be easier than we though, and every bit as tasty.

Gluten Free Chicken And Biscuits

 We wanted something to compete with Marie Calendars pot pies, and though this isn't really a pot pie, it certainly served the purpose!  Try it, it's great on those cold evenings.

Yummy Gluten Free Chicken Gravy

I am a gravy snob. When my wife was first diagnosed with Celiac I thought all hope of ever enjoying mashed potatos and gravy again was lost. I tried some gluten free gravy mixes, but nothing stacked up to even the cheapest of non-gluten-free mixes.

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