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Baked Eggs

A great way to serve bacon and eggs in a fun and delicious way!

Buttermilk Dipped Chicken Fingers

We love our chicken fingers.  Before we went gluten-free we ate them all the time and raved about how good they were.  When we went gluten-free we worried that we could ever recreate our recipe with gluten-free ingredients.  We found it to be easier than we though, and every bit as tasty.

French Fried Onions

One of the key ingredients in Green Bean Casserole and other recipes, French Fried onions are easy to make, and tasty just to snack on.

GF Grilled Cheese Hot Dog

This is a quick and tasty lunch, or just a snack. When it's hard to find a good, light gluten free bun for your hot dog, this is one alternative that crosses the line from Hot Dog to Pigs in a Blanket!

Gluten Free Chicken And Biscuits

 We wanted something to compete with Marie Calendars pot pies, and though this isn't really a pot pie, it certainly served the purpose!  Try it, it's great on those cold evenings.

Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

This Cream of Musroom Soup will certainly please the most picky soup snob, and delight all who come to dine at your table. Cream of mushroom soup is something I have always based my judgement on the quality of a restaurant.  If the chef knows what a good cream of mushroom soup sould taste like, then they must know what good food is.  If my meal starts off with a really bad or mediocre cream of musroom soup, then I have low expectations of what the rest of the meal will be like, and usually my fears come true. 

Gluten Free Flour Tortillas

I have for you today a new recipe for gluten free flour tortillas. They're pretty much the easiest form of bread to make in the whole wide world and they're great for everything from tacos and quesadillas to egg salad. Plus, unlike other gluten free tortillas, these do not break, crack, or crumble. Gluten Free Flour Tortillas Makes about 5 big tortillas

Credit goes to Yammies Gluten Freedom.

Gluten Free Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole presents a couple problems when trying to convert it to gluten free.  One being that one of the main, common ingredients to green bean casserole is cream of mushroom soup which has gluten unless you get the gluten free kind, the other is that the french fried onion topping also has gluten.  In order to make this simple dish, it is necessary to do it the hard way.  But it is SOOO worth it.

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